The Impeccable Union Of Aluminum And Glass

Research, design, technology and sustainability are the foundations of the Rimadesio philosophy: all their products are characterized by the use of materials with extraordinary qualities, aluminum and glass, not just signs of maximum flexibility and custom made approach but also lightness, durability and full conformity to the principles of environmental sustainability. These sample principles not only reflects in the final product but also throughout the company organization and production systems.

Their collection of technologically cutting edge products comes to life and perfected over time, made up of sliding panels, doors, partitions, accompanied by proposals dedicated to the concept of containing such as walk-in closets, bookcases, equipped wooden panels. Original and innovative products for the furniture sector and every single piece is characterized by a high level of performance and technical innovation.

The extreme simplicity in style, a direct consequence of our philosophy, is enhanced by an in depth technical and stylistic research specialized in finishes. An unmistakable aesthetic: technical research aimed at achieving the upmost simplicity and sleekness in style, transforms the detail into our distinguishing feature.