Meet Agape’s Outdoor Line

This month’s spotlight is on Agape’s outdoor line as they bring the luxury of their bathroom experience to your outdoor oasis. Agape’s dedication to quality shines bright with these thoughtful pieces.

“In a world where conventional “rooms” escape traditional functional definitions and become opportunities-environments with multiple uses, the new Agape Outdoor Collection extends the boundaries of these environments outwards, becoming a natural and ideal complement to the Agape bathroom experience. 

The Collection includes a selection of products which, due to the nature of their materials, by use or by innovation, represent the first elements of a new project that Agape tackles with its traditional care and passion.”

Add more than just function to your outdoor experience. The Bijhon washbasin is like a piece of art.

“The Bjhon washbasins were born from an idea by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1970. Originally conceived as a planter, this free-standing version of Bjhon, in Petit Granit marble or in Cementoskin® (colored cement in paste), finds its ideal location in outdoor spaces.”

The Petra shower offers a simple yet luxurious option for your outdoor space.

”Column, tray and platform for shower made of Cementoskin® with a natural and velvety surface available in different colors. The shower tray follows the shape of the sink of the same name, while the platform is made up of slats gathered by a stainless steel perimeter profile complete with anchors for fixing to the ground.”

Treat yourself to serenity with the Vieques outdoor tub.

”In 2008 the oasis of well-being on Vieques Island where Patricia Urquiola signs the interiors for the W Hotel, offers the inspiration for the realization of the Vieques bathtub. A ready-made tribute to the bathtub of yesteryear that has become a classic of contemporary design. The use of stainless steel allows it to be inserted in open spaces.”

When you want to be as comfortable in your outdoor oasis as you are inside, choose the award-winning design of Agape’s outdoor line.

You can see more of this collection on Agape’s website or Visit Agape With Rifugio to access their line.

About Agape

The history of Agape begins in 1973 and spans over 40 years of evolution in the culture of design, architecture, technology, and lifestyle, interpreting one of the most special rooms in the house: the bathroom. A space that Agape places at the center of domestic life, destined to last over time and to give deep sensations and emotions every day.

The Agape range is entirely made in Italy with quality raw materials, craftsmanship for details, efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, as certified by the LEED certification.