Meet Molteni & C’s New Collection

This month’s spotlight is on Molteni & C’s new collection. You want your home to be more than a cluster of rooms; you want it to be a collection of beautifully articulated spaces that flow into and through one another. Molteni’s latest collection creates just such a symphony with its all-new, beautifully integrated, and elegant offerings. Read on to learn more about the individual pieces of this stunning new release.

Hector Bookcase

This modular bookcase is light and airy, offering any length and height you like, thanks to their modular elements, making the most of the features offered by uprights that are fixed between the floor and the ceiling.

Barbican Chair (shown above)

The new, re-invigorated design offers a built-in padded seat, open or complete with armrests, which can be fully upholstered in textiles or leather, or the two materials that highlight the wrap-around shape of the chair. The seat can have three types of bases made of different materials such as wood or metal in two versions each, making Barbican perfect for any style preference. Barbican is a versatile design that redefines the chair in a contemporary style.

Half A Square Table (shown above)

The Half a Square table is a collection of modern rectangular and square tables, designed by Michael Anastassiades. His project is distinctly minimalist in design but rich in his choices of materials, including aluminum, marble, reflective glass, and eucalyptus or graphite oak.

“I wanted to design a very minimal table, so it became a very interesting exercise right from the beginning, in how do you actually achieve the most minimal table with a very simplified geometric section.”

Michael Anastassiades

Octave Sofa

The source of Vincent Van Duysen’s inspiration for this new project are those expansive skyscraper windows that offer the inhabitant breathtaking views over cosmopolitan megacities, while comfortably seated on inviting sofas and armchairs. Octave provides endless options for a configuration that can be used to create endless seating options. 

Louisa Table (shown above)

Transversal objects, combined at will, simply, lightly, elegantly: the quintessence of modern design. The tabletops, a bit like suspended trays, come in ash or brick red cement or eucalyptus wood and feature an original radial motif.

Azul Bed

Exquisite details and delicate but precise lines contribute to the allure of this contemporary design. Two sheets of regenerated leather are sewn together with refined artistry, which elegantly enriches the lines.

Grid Bookcase (shown above)

Grid is a modular system characterized by a wall-anchored folding panel system, inside which, on request, LED lighting can be installed, both in the central part and at the top, all the way down, along with various connections linked to sounds and images and hi-tech equipment. The aim is to achieve a flexible open system based on a modular grid.

505 Bookshelves (shown above)

The modular 505 system, one of the “blockbusters” of the Molteni&C collection, is continually evolving, with innovative features that refresh and broaden its infinite uses. Slim glass partitions can be positioned on the shelves to separate books and ornaments so that they are easy to see and enjoy.

Let Molteni’s new collection transform your home into an architectural sanctuary. With many contemporary and elegant pieces to choose from, you’re sure to find perfection. You can see more of this collection on Molteni’s website or Visit Molteni With Rifugio to access their line.

About Molteni & C

Angelo Molteni was born in 1912 and set up his own business in Giussano in 1934. His artisan workshop soon became a byword for top-quality products. By 1947 the workforce of the Giussano business already numbered over 60 people. “Arredamenti di Angelo Molteni” was developing fast, less of an artisan workshop and more of a factory. 

By 2008, distribution extended beyond the Italian borders and became international. New stores dedicated to the Molteni&C | Dada brand have opened: about 600 stores worldwide including 40 Flagship Stores, also present in the most important international design metropolises such as London and New York.

New York’s first Molteni Group “Lifestyle Store” opened in 2018 with a new window on the world in the heart of Manhattan, at 160 Madison Avenue. The spirit of a unique, evolutionary project, in line with modernity and authentic to its stylistic principles, designed by Vincent Van Duysen. This is the first Flagship Store in the world to combine the Group’s three brands: Molteni&C, Dada, and UniFor.