At the heart of everything, there’s the freedom of the creative process, the ability to generate, through ingenious combinations, timeless ideas that are born from a never-ending research
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Made in Italy

The story of Baxter truly embodies a passion for design touching deeper than the surface, it carries a historic experience connecting the art of leather into the creation of unique collections. Baxter design illustrates the feeling of Made In Italy through not only their sophisticated sofas, widely known for their materials, textures and colors but also an array of handcrafted products that effortlessly transcend your space.


If there's one thing Baxter has always held in high regard, it's the state of mind, as the key to mixing and creating unpredictable objects, with exclusive materials, amazing workmanship, unique textures, and elegant designs that fit classily into an elegant interior. The collections are designed to fill and bind environments, the rules are often broken to create new solutions, always in balance between past and future, between classic and futuristic.


Baxter is the encounter between an antique artisanal tradition, Italian entrepreneurship and young creative energy that developed through the years, driven by an infinite passion for beautiful things, well done things that can convey emotions.