Baio | Coffee Table

Designed by Pianca

The inspiration behind the eccentric and original detail that is the common denominator across the Baio series can be traced back to Iceland. It was the iconic image of a herd of horses that gave the designers the idea of fitting the tables’ legs with a hoof in a tapering, elongated shape. This detail gives the design an out-of-the-box look and grounds the piece in a more evident way. The resulting compositional balance is refined and delicate. In the version with the round top, the single central leg is fastened to a circular supporting plate, which quietly gives the whole piece stability. Another of Baio’s distinctive features is the considerable variety of shapes and sizes available, further supplemented with ample scope for customization with a choice of materials, colours and finishes.

Actual product may vary from images shown on website. Please contact for finish and fabric samples.