Rifugio Modern Partner chosen by BMW as a role model in Sustainability.

Rifugio Modern prides itself in the sustainable practices of its most valued partners. Recently, BMW automotive Group dedicated an episode of its “Stories of Sustainability” to Rimadesio. 

This video blog is a storytelling project that focuses on a key theme for the BMW brand: Sustainability.

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This new type of video project, creating branded content through which BMW recounts the story of companies that have a strong green vision and a sustainable approach to their business, offers a unique look inside the green practices of one of Italy’s strongest furniture brands.

The final video production offers a rare look into the sustainability practices and philosophy of this unique Rifugio Modern partner.  

Davide Malberti, CEO of Rimadesio, begins the interview with this rare and eloquent statement which says so much that we are proud of; “What we do reflects our concept of design. How we do it reflects our concepts of Sustainability.” Truth be told, Rimadesio was born with a green DNA, Glass and Aluminum being their core materials. They can be reused and recycled indefinitely.

With this in heret strength of product design since the turn of the century, Sustainability has become more and more crucial in their operations.

Thanks to 5242 solar panels placed on the Rimadesio Headquarters roof-top, the company has prevented 6,400 tons of CO2 from entering the environment. Their production plant requires approximately 2 million kWh per year, but with the help of their solar panel plant, they produce 1.5 million KWh per year, which means that they are able to provide for the majority of their energy requirements through green energy.

But at Rimadesio, it does not stop with Solar. Rimadesio puts their ecological attitude into the smallest details, having all but eliminated polystyrene packaging and replacing it with the latest state-of-the-art recycled cardboard packaging. They only use water based paints for their products, which are much safer for both employees and the environment, being free from toxic chemicals. It can be said with confidence that Rimadesio design is good for the environment. 

Davide goes on to share, “Sustainability is a daily commitment, shared by all of us. We are trying to foster a greener way of life among our employees by encouraging the use of e-bikes, electric cars, and car-sharing for commuting”. In that spirit, at their Italian Headquarters, they offer charging stations for both staff and clients to charge vehicles at no charge. While these may seem small actions, they collectively are beginning to make a real difference.

Davide concludes the interview by sharing a beautiful goal. He says, “One of our most ambitious goals is to extend this green attitude outside of the company by encouraging our team to be advocates of these practices. Sustainability is Innovation. But we like to say that it is much more than this: It is a conscious choice for a better future.”

Rifugio Modern is proud to be partnered with such a company and philosophy, offering the highest caliber Italian design and manufacturing while keeping an eye towards the future of our planet. Thank you, and hats off to Riamdesio.