Since 1973 Agape has been at the forefront of bathroom architecture. Complete and timeless solutions for the most intimate space of the domestic landscape.
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Real Made in Italy

The union between creative talent and quality.

Under Agape’s expert guidance the bathroom shifts from functional space to emotional center of the home, becoming a dynamic and rejuvenating environment devoted to personal well-being.

Mantua, where the company headquarters are located, sits in the middle between Milan, capital of fashion and design, and the Emilia region, a place where pleasures and quality of life have been consolidated over the centuries, and the Veneto region, which embodies the innovation and efficient manufacturing that characterises the Made in Italy brand. Agape is a perfect combination of these three worlds. From the formula aesthetics + passion + innovation springs a new interpretation of well-being, whereby time is seen as a break in routine, as a studied pause consecrated to moments uniquely for us.

Agape's sustainable approach that respects the principles of sustainability: technical and aesthetic durability, committed management of energy and material resources, research into materials and solutions to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible for people and the environment.