a creative vision in which wallpaper becomes a leading protagonist of contemporary living
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The suggestion of the images of the backdrop immediately attracts the attention of architects and designers - Wall&decò appears on the market the same day and in a short time contributes to redefine the aesthetics of wall decoration, with a precise and innovative philosophy: no more repetition of patterns and geometries, typical of traditional wallpaper, but enlargements and macro-images with a strong material effect.


The collection of wallpapers for interiors that develops the theme of macro-subjects, reproportioned each time on the wall to create real vertical stories. Contemporary Wallpaper is available on three different substrates: CWC, the Wall&decò vinyl whose unmistakable weave generates a precious fabric effect - Bronzage, the vinyl with a metal effect designed to add a new value to surfaces and make them different each time as the incidence of light changes, and the ultra-modern, sustainable CWC-ECO substrate.

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This wallpaper collection that is an alternative to the world of large-scale decors, focusing on the creation of geometrically progressive and repeated patterns intent on exploring the surface through engravings, reliefs, embossing and metallic inlays that give rise to veritable bas-reliefs and 3D textures.

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Patented totally waterproof wall covering dedicated to damp environments, opening up infinite decorative possibilities in areas ranging from domestic bathrooms to spas.

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Wall&decò's innovative outdoor wallpaper resistant to rain, yellowing and with anti-smog properties, which transforms patios, terraces and façades, making wall decoration a fully-fledged architectural element for the original aesthetic definition of exteriors.

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