Research, design, technology and sustainability are the foundations of the Rimadesio philosophy
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The Impeccable Union of Aluminum and Glass

Rimadesio produces systems for sub-dividing environments and for the architectural definition of interiors.

Doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and a collection of complementary furniture: an offer which is continuously increasing in size and which is constantly developing in its style. Linear and functional designs where the simplicity of a concept is elaborated through an exceptional level of technical competence.

Rimadesio’s aim is to continue to develop its own design culture and productive technology in order to be able to offer functionally innovative ideas which are exclusive from an aesthetic point of view and can ensure maximum reliability over time.

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Rimadesio | Sustainability

Attention to the environment is a prerogative inherent in the Rimadesio’s DNA: from the production of solar energy by photovoltaic panels, to the conversion of the company fleet to electric power; from the processing of 100% recyclable materials such as aluminium and glass, to the use of only water-based paints, up to the total elimination of polystirene, replaced with recycled cardboard which is itself completely recyclable. Rimadesio’s challenge is based on research, innovation and increasing investment: a concrete and tangible commitment, which is summarized in precise data.

At the center of the production process there is a highly technological system, fully powered by solar energy, coming from innovative photovoltaic plants, with 5250 panels installed on the Giussano headquarter’s roof, that ensure the production of 1300 kWh. An uncommon commitment to an ecological culture, with continuous investments on development and technological update that allowed Rimadesio to reach important records. Among them, Rimadesio as the first industrial company in Europe to provide itself with a storage plant on a large scale, connected with a new system of lithium batteries able to store the energy surplus, in order to further improve the virtuous process.