Beta | Arclinia Custom Kitchen

Beta enables versatile design of any kitchen, integrating with all the elements in the Arclinea Collection to make every single project unique. It features an integrated horizontal handle that runs the length of the door. With minimum design and totally practical, the Beta handle is a painted aluminium profile in a steel or black finish, or in the same finish as the door. Thanks to the construction flexibility of the door, available in two design options, the handle can be integrated in a horizontal or vertical position.

Beta Inquiry

At times, the solution for a project is reached by correctly balancing modernity and tradition, by innovating and enhancing the existing qualities. This is the case with a kitchen in a classic home, where work areas are arranged in a line, different yet complementary. On one side, a continuous work area, perfectly accessorised and completed vertically by the Shelf Hood. On the other, a wall of tall accessorised units, hidden by the New Pocket System disappearing doors, providing extra workspaces, maximum performance yet clean-cut lines. Thanks to a combination of apparent contrasts, this project finds harmony in the union of refined stucco work with simple volumes, the purity of matte white with fabulous glossy marble, and “aged” parquet with totally contemporary steel.