Akan Force | Professional Charcol Grill

Fesfoc has reinvented the concept of professional charcoal grill. Unbeatable performance and power are combined to create the most resistant charcoal professional grill self-standing legs.

Akan Force has been created for one single purpose: highlighting the pure and minimalist lines of this spectacular professional charcoal grill.

Inspired by the metal structures of the most modern buildings, thanks to this resistant barbecue leg unprecedented buoyancy and floating effects are achieved on the coal grill. Fesfoc has created the purest design with the most sophisticated lines. Every inch of this jaw-dropping professional charcoal grill has been designed to break molds and to introduce a new concept of professional charcoal barbecue grills.

You will be able to cook like never before. Get the best dishes effortlessly and become the undisputed protagonist of all your parties.