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Akana | Rug

Kristiina Lassus Design 

Price 200x300 cm Size.

Combining multiple points of inspiration, Akana’s design draws on stone carvings, traditional Nordic straw decorations and an Art Deco spirit. Uniting a symmetrical and asymmetrical pattern to form a repeating surface, Akana is well suited to contemporary and vintage-inspired spaces. 

Dark Grey – Light Beige | Tibetan 100 knots, low pile. Wool + bamboo silk, pattern in natural linen | Made in Nepal. 

Sizes (cm)
170×240, 200×250, 200×300, 220×300, 250×300, 250×350, 300×400, 350×420, 350×500, 400×600

250×250, 300×300, 400×400

Price start at $10.390

This Italian Designed Hand Knotted Tibetan Wool Rug is made to order Nepal. This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.