Dolm | Table

Designed by Oscar e Gabriele Buratti

Table with 15mm extralight glass top, painted only in the middle part as per samples in the bright version. 45° alternated bevelled glass top. Also available in the version with not bevelled glass top. Wooden base covered by 6mm tempered bright painted glass. The painting of the glass top in the middle part can only be done in the bright version.

Inches (W x D x H)
78¾" x 39½" x 29¼"
94½" x 39½" x 29¼"
110¼" x 43½" x 29¼"
126" x 43½" x 29¼"
141¾" x 43½" x 29¼"

Actual product may vary from images shown on website. Please contact  for finish samples.