Lighthouse | Large Illuminated Planters

Where beauty and harmony reach maximum splendor in the shape of beautiful illuminated planters, the Lighthouse collection is a genuine artisanal jewel, shining on its own at any place, anytime.

The latest technology alongside the most advanced research and the highest quality of materials were used to develop and conceive the Lighthouse outdoor illuminated planters, to guarantee its endurance over any harsh climate and its durability through generations.

Complimenting an outstanding and timeless structure design, this modern light structure merges the light of these planters into a delightful and soothing experience, helping your mind loosen up in the place of your dreams.

Fesfoc standards for our collections are perfection, therefore exclusivity, magnificence and excellence are what characterizes our planters. Meticulously structured with a beautiful and refined patron, you’ll be able to enjoy and make the most out of our outdoor illuminated planters.