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Price for a 240x170 cm size.

Made of old overdyed hemp fabrics, the Nomadismi collection designed by Elena Caponi is entirely made in Turkey. Suggestions, tales and forms meet to create carpets full of chromatic and tactile contrasts, which are distinguished by their attention to recycling. The transformation consists of reusing parts still intact of old hemp rugs, a natural fiber, dyeing them with new colors, joining them with a wool thread decorated with a tassel, to create the new carpet. All Nomadismi rugs are customizable, but each model will be unique. In fact, the final composition will vary since each piece inside the carpet is an old nomadic Turkish fabric with a different drawing (stripes, symbols, etc.) and color tone.

Pile composition: Recycled hemp

Thickness: ≈ 0.5 cm

Technique: Hand-made

Standard sizes: 240x170, 250x200, 300x200, 300x250, 360x270, 400x300 cm

Custom sizes / colors on request:

Slight differences in designs and colors may be apparent due to the degree of wear and origins of
the recycled rugs

Many rugs in stock ready to ship. Custom or on demand 16-18 weeks.