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Kristiina Lassus Design

The pattern of the Okoa rug has its origins in Japanese visual culture. Ume, the delicate plum blossom, is an important symbol in Japanese art and poetry signifying hope and vitality. Okoa is a modern interpretation of this classic theme, scaled up to a large floral pattern for a more graphic and abstract feeling.

Okoa MO2
Colour: dark coffee – orange
Quality Code: KL107
Description: Tibetan 100 knots, low pile. Wool + silk.
Made in Nepal.

Sizes (cm)
170×240, 200×250, 200×300, 220×300, 250×300, 250×350, 300×400, 350×420, 350×500, 400×600

250×250, 300×300, 400×400

Price start at $8.937.

This Italian Designed Hand Knotted Tibetan Wool Rug is made to order Nepal. This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.