Radomiro | Bookshelves

Designed by Neuland Industriedesign for MDF Italia

A graphic sign on the wall that catches the eye. A small but endearing hanging bookcase, able to confer dynamism to any environment and embellish it as an artwork. This is the main feature of Randomito, whose single and vertically reversible module can be used both individually and by aggregation, thus getting plenty of customised configurations. Also the color palette has been added more shades over the years: not only pure white but other seven shades, including pastel ones.
Neuland Industriedesign conceived a bookcase evoking movement and lightness, whose silhouette is unmistakable: one in a kind, it is inspired to the “progenitor” Random, representing one of its evolutionary paths. Wonderful in residential contexts, Randomito lends itself excellently to business spaces.

Actual product may vary from images shown on website. Please contact info@rifugiomodern.com  for fabric and finish samples.