Tacora | Mobile Grill

The dimensions of this magnificent mobile charcoal grill are 156 x 62 cm. Being easily moveable and thanks to its large cooking surface, Tacora is ideal for catering and serving food.

This mobile grill offers endless possibilities that will change your concept of barbecuing, exceeding the expectations of the most demanding chefs.

Tacora bbq wheels is at the forefront of techniques and technology. At its core is our powerful high performance third generation of stainless-steel combustion system, which allows you to cook efficiently for 3 to 5 hours continuously with a single load of coal. You can finally enjoy cooking without complications. This mind-blowing mobile grill will allow you to cook like a real professional chef without messing up.

Tacora can either incorporate 2 stainless steel grills or 2 cast iron grills, featuring the exclusive Fesfoc design with two independent fires so you can cook delicious meat, fish, and vegetables without mixing the flavor of food.

Define the type of grill you prefer for your Tacora. You can choose between our two finishes, customizing your experience. Our grills are expertly designed to amplify the taste of food and to retain all its properties, adding the fantastic barbecue touch.